Steady rain overnight has caused few problems in Christchurch City but another wild weather day is in store for those living on Banks Peninsula.

Persistent heavy rain and strong winds are expected to hit Banks Peninsula most of today.

“The winds might bring down some trees but shouldn’t cause too much damage. Of more concern is the possibility that we might get some flooding around Little River,’’ said Christchurch City Council City Services General Manager David Adamson.

“As much as 100mm of rain could fall there over the next 10 hours and that could cause some problems. Residents in those parts of Little River with a history of flooding should prepare for the possibility of flooding.

“We’re monitoring the situation closely and will be ready to respond if problems do arise,’’ Mr Adamson.

A close eye is also being kept on the Port Hills where the damage caused by February’s fire has heightened the risk of slips. The heavy rain has saturated the soils, making the land susceptible to movement.

Geo-technical engineers are on standby but so far no incidents have been reported.

In the city there have been a couple of reports of surface flooding on the roads but no major issues.

If you spot a blocked or overflowing public street drain you can report it to the Council’s Contact Centre by email or by phoning 941-8999.