Our Community – Be Involved

There are so many amazing community groups here in Diamond Harbour and each year the Diamond Harbour Community Association promotes a “Herald” collection. The collection enables you to give to a these worthwhile community organisations:

Diamond Harbour Community Association – yearly membership $5

Friends of Te Ra Community Park – yearly membership $10

Friends of Orton Bradley Park – yearly membership $35

Friends of Stoddart Cottage – yearly membership $25

Church Bay Neighbourhood Association – yearly membership $10

Diamond Harbour Health Support Group – yearly membership $5

Diamond Harbour Herald – yearly subscription $10 (Rural Delivery) or $20 (Postal Delivery)

Diamond Harbour Youth and Community Trust – yearly subscription $20

The collection form and envelope for this are enclosed in the February Herald and explain how to participate.

If you do not have a copy you can download the collection form.

Our preferred method of giving is the online portal diamondharbour.helloclub.com – it has now been configured to accept bank transfers, as well as credit card payments. Other options are detailed in the collection form.

We would also encourage you to find other groups you are interested in, on this website and be involved. Volunteering to assist in these groups can be a great way to get to know wonderful people who live locally and to help contribute to this amazing place where we live.