CCC Update – Dec 22, 12.03pm

We are pleased to advise that people living in greater Diamond Harbour no longer have to boil water.

A small number of residents on Doris Faigan Lane where the E.coli contamination was first identified should still keep boiling their water until further notice. We’ve treated this water with chlorine and will be contacting the affected property owners directly to make sure they are aware of the situation.

Tests have shown there is no contamination of other reservoirs and we are confident this is safe to drink.

The Water Team, Christchurch City Council

CCC Update – Dec 21, 2.38pm

The boil water notice remains in place for Diamond Harbour.

Test results on water samples taken yesterday are clear of E.coli, apart from at one property directly below the Doris Faigan reservoir. We’re still looking into what caused the contamination and want to be certain the water is safe before lifting the boil water notice. We are doing more tests and will provide more information as soon as a decision is made.

Thanks to everyone in Diamond Harbour who has followed our advice. We appreciate the way you shared the message with your friends and neighbours. We really don’t want to take any chances with people’s health so ask that you boil water until let you know it’s safe to drink.

There is information about the water supply on our website here.

For updates on this issue, email or call 941 8999 or 0800 800 169.

The Water Team, Christchurch City Council

CCC Notice –  Dec 20, 5pm

People living or working in Diamond Harbour are being advised to boil their water following the discovery of E.coli in the township’s water supply.

• All water that is used for drinking, food preparation, utensil washing, brushing teeth or making ice should be boiled until further notice.

• Bringing water to the boil is sufficient to kill bugs.

• The boil water notice will remain in place until laboratory tests confirm the water is safe to drink.

• We will be chlorinating the water to kill the E.coli that is known to be affecting the supply.

• 10 properties are directly affected, and 1100 properties in the greater Diamond Harbour area are being asked to boil water as a precaution while further tests are done.

• It will take a couple of days to flush the network and to get confirmation the water supply is clear of contaminants. Until that happens it is important for people to boil water.

• Employers should make sure boiled or bottled water is available at work. This applies even for workplaces with their own water supply, until testing is completed and the supply is cleared of risk.

People can email to be added to our database for updates.

Phone the Council Customer Contact Centre on 941 8999 or 0800 800 169 with any queries or concerns.

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