Carpooling / Ride Sharing

Sharing is Kindness - kind on your pocket and kind on the planet

Place a request or an offer in the comments field below pertaining to your requirements. Find or request a carpool partner or companion for your regular commute. Make it a one-off or ongoing.

Why Ride-share/Carpool?

For many commuters who drive to the city, ride-sharing (or carpooling) offers many benefits:

  • Save money by sharing the steadily rising costs of driving with other commuters
  • Save the environment by polluting less
  • Save precious resources for future generations (oil reserves are finite)
  • Save the narrow ribbon of road we all depend upon – fewer cars mean less wear
  • Save (share) the stress of driving

How it Works

Our aim is to help people offering rides and those requiring a ride to find each other. After that, it’s over to you to make arrangements to suit you both, including a contribution for petrol money.
Using this temporary blog function, Leave a comment below with your requirement, name and contact and the interested parties will reply. It’s all go from there.

If you are not comfortable doing this here, there is also a government carpooling website you can register for FREE here – Let’s Carpool