Current situation

  • 60-120mm of rain is expected in Christchurch and Banks Peninsula between Sat night and mid-Monday, with strong southerly winds
  • More than 40mm is expected over a 24-hour period
  • The highest risk for flooding impacts for Christchurch city are likely Monday morning.

Advice for the public

  • If you need to be on the roads, please drive slowly, particularly through any surface flooding so you don’t push water onto people’s properties.
  • Avoid walking or biking through surface flooding, because there is a chance it could be contaminated with wastewater.
  • If you are concerned about surface flooding, please call the Council on 03 941 8999, so that we can engage our contractors to respond. Likely reasons that we will prioritise first are:
    • It is affecting your property’s floor level, or
    • It is causing a safety issue for road users (e.g. causing traffic to have to cross the centreline on a busy road)
  • We’ll prioritise the response based on the demand across our network and. At times, it may take longer than we’d normally expect.
  • If you know of any current blockages to nearby sumps or drains, and if it is safe to do so, please clear them in advance if you can (e.g. remove leaves and place them in your green bin).

What we’re doing to prepare:

  • Contractors are already checking and clearing stormwater grates in readiness
  • Extra staff are on standby if needed, as well as traffic management/signage in case of road closures
  • Given the extreme ‘king tide’ levels that will coincide with the rainfall:

In Southshore–

    • Estuary outfall stormwater pipes will be plugged to prevent tidal flooding
    • Pumps will be deployed at Tern Street, Rockinghorse Road and Ebbtide Street
    • Beach outfall stormwater pipes will be opened at Sumner and Southshore
  • Pumps will also be deployed to Maces Road (Bromley) and the Flockton area
  • Stormwater basins in the Upper Heathcote catchment will be monitored and controlled to manage river levels.


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