The developer recently lodged a resource consent with the Christchurch City Council. The consent plans include some significant changes to those presented to the community at the public meeting last year.

The altered plans can be viewed here… RMA2018813 Application – Plans for Processing – DRAFT

The main changes are the addition of cedar panels along the western façade and the carpark on the southeastern side being moved back to 5.5m from the boundary. There will be 103 (8 fewer) carpark spaces.

Unfortunately, two of the most popular features of the developer’s presentation at last year’s public meeting – the return of petrol and a mechanic’s garage to Diamond Harbour – have been omitted from the current consent application, which states:

“Consideration is being given to the establishment of a self-service petrol station in the forecourt area in front of the existing store. That activity is subject to a separate process, and does not form part of this application.

The workshop as the rear of the building has been utilised for many years as a motor vehicle mechanic. While that activity is not currently operating, it may be recommended in future in conjunction with the petrol station.”

A request to Envivo from the Diamond Harbour Herald asking why the petrol station was omitted, and what the likelihood is of it being added at a later stage has received no response.

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