The City Council has released a RFP (Request for Proposal) to invite Prospective Suppliers to submit their Proposals to fund, build and operate a commercial hospitality business on an area of up to 1500m2 on recreation reserve on the old Godley House site. The applicants will need to satisfy these three criteria as well as meet the standards of the RFP:
1. The Respondent will be required to fund the total cost of a new building, including all service connections (sewerage, potable water, stormwater, electricity, telecommunications), any consents (Resource Consent and Building Consent).
2. The Respondent needs to explain how the area proposed for the commercial activity is not being used for the purposes of a recreation reserve and how it is unlikely to be used in the future for recreation (refer explanation below).
3. Proposals will be expected to achieve a good standard of amenity for the site and surrounding area (refer explanation below).
If you wish to submit a proposal you need to use the following GETS link:
GETS RFx ID:       25461204,
Project Name:   Old Godley House Site at 2E Waipapa Road, Diamond Harbour

The proposal documents can also be found below.

  1. Request for Proposal for the lease of vacant land 2E Waipapa Avenue, Diamond Harbour
  2. Relevant section of the Christchurch District Plan
  3. Record of Title derived from Land Information New Zealand
  4. Attachment 2.1 Draft~Lease Former Godley House site
  5. Attachment 2.2 Draft~Lease Former Godley House site