DH Medical Centre Update

March 22 2022

The Medical Centre is aware of about 3.5% of our patients having tested positive for Covid 19 in the past 2 weeks. This is likely to rise in the weeks to come.

Anecdotally, we are aware that the official records are not recording all the cases so we would encourage people who are doing RAT tests at home to upload their results online at mycovidrecord.health.nz or by phoning  0800 222 478 and choosing option 3. You can also report RAT test results for others if they are unable to do so.

We continue to encourage anyone with symptoms, even mild symptoms, to test and to isolate. If you are a contact of someone with Covid 19 and have symptoms, with an initial negative RAT test, we would encourage you to repeat the RAT test 24-48 hours later.

The Medical Centre continues to provide supervised RAT tests (or PCR tests when appropriate). Most patients are able to self-care through Covid 19 but if anyone is concerned their symptoms are becoming severe then please contact your medical centre.

Where our patients have an increased risk of severe disease, we may actively phone to check on how severe their symptoms are. We do review the notes of all the positive patients (that we are aware of) to check for risk factors.

The Medical Centre continues to offer all medical services at the moment although phone consults are the normal first step, but if an examination is needed then it will be arranged. Staff will wear PPE for in person consultations.

We continue to encourage people to make appointments for any health needs and we continue to give childhood vaccinations on schedule. We will also give influenza vaccines when these arrive (which should be some time in April). We will update our website and facebook when these are available.

We will not book appointments for flu vaccines until we have them in stock. Our Medical Centre continues to provide a weekend after hours service, where you can ring through to the medical centre and get advice from one of our staff.

So far, the medical centre staff have not had to isolate but obviously that will happen if staff or their household contacts test positive. While we will attempt to cover each other in these circumstances, it is not always possible and we appreciate your understanding if it leads to altering appointments that have been booked (at short notice).

Canterbury DHB have reported that some services (both outpatient and elective surgeries) have been limited due to staff shortages. Urgent services, including cancer surgeries, are currently continuing and some outpatient appointments have become phone consults. Again, urgent care is still operating and if you have a medical emergency, please call 111 as normal.

Bronwyn Graham

Info from the Lyttelton Harbour Review

March 7 2022

The Lyttelton Harbour Review has released a helpful bulletin to share information regarding Covid-19 which provides a lot of useful information all in one place.

You can read/download it here

Need Support?

February 23 2022

Feeling anxious or alone or in need of assistance during these difficult Covid times? Please don’t hesitate to leave a message on the Church phone anytime if we can assist you with meals, shopping, transport, prayer, a chat, or in any other way. We’d love to help!

Our phone number is 329 4790. The answerphone will be cleared twice daily.

Our Diamond Harbour Community Church (85 Marine Drive – next to the Fire Station) is open from 9-4pm Monday to Friday. Do come in through the right hand side door if you are looking for a peaceful place to sit in quiet reflection, or to pray for yourself, your family, or community in these anxious times.

Our 10.30am Sunday and 9am Wednesday Services are continuing throughout March (Vaccine Passes are required for both services). A warm welcome awaits you anytime!

Is your household ready if someone gets COVID-19?

January 25 2022

Everyone who tests positive for COVID-19 and their household needs to stay at home and avoid contact with others, including whānau.
Read the government information sheet designed to help your household get ready to deal with COVID-19.

Diamond Harbour Medical Centre Update

January 25 2022

As NZ has moved to Red under the traffic light system, Diamond Harbour Medical Centre is providing a full range of normal services but with some changes to help keep everyone as safe as possible. We want to emphasise that if you are concerned about your health, or you are due for a review of a medical condition, please make an appointment.

As we have many patients and some staff, who are high risk of experiencing severe illness with Covid-19, we have and will continue to make changes to keep everyone safe. The Royal NZ College of GPs has put out recommendations for practices which we will be following – such as, everyone coming inside the medical centre will need to be wearing a mask.

Those with exemptions can still be seen but will not be able to be in our waiting room or corridors. You may find (regardless of mask-wearing or vaccination status), that staff may be wearing PPE, as we must protect our staff from both illness and attempt to avoid the need for staff to self-isolate. Likewise if a district nurse is visiting your home, there may be changes to how those services are provided.

Phone consults will be offered but face to face appointments will always be available when there is a clinical need. If you are coming to the medical centre in person, you are likely to be asked to wait outside the until you are ready to be seen (but please let us know if this is problematic for you).

You may like to simply ring reception when you arrive and wait in your car. The door may be locked due to the limited space around the waiting room, entrance to the bathroom and reception area.

You may also receive a phone call from a nurse or doctor prior to being seen in person. These practices reduce the time spent in close contact and the number of people in the building, which in turn minimises the risk of infections being passed between people.

People with clinical symptoms of Covid-19 will be seen and where needed swabbed outside.

It is anticipated that at some point, Covid-19 will become widespread and our protocols may change as this occurs. If you are diagnosed with Covid-19, please check the MOH website and www.healthnavigator.org.nz/health-a-z/c/covid-19-positive-care-at-home/ to guide your next actions.

It may be that you have mild symptoms and while you will need to self-isolate you may be able to manage the illness at home as you would other viral illnesses. However if you’re concerned that your condition is worsening and/or if you are experiencing trouble breathing, or think you are dehydrated then please contact us or phone Healthline on 0800 611 116 for advice.

If you are very unwell, with severe trouble breathing, chest pain or confusion then please dial 111 as usual and let the ambulance service know you have Covid-19 and need an ambulance. For any medical emergency please continue to dial 111.

We intend, if possible, to continue our after hour on call system from Friday afternoon through to Monday morning but if you need medical help and cannot contact us please attend the 24 Hours Surgery at 401 Madras St.