The Medical Centre is one of the jewels in the crown that is Diamond Harbour and District. Thirty years ago, the community determined that a Medical Centre was necessary for the ongoing healthcare of the District and so the land was acquired under a lease from the then Banks Peninsula District Council.

Taking only twenty-four hours, a building was erected by members of the community. The management of the building and a lease with health care providers has been overseen ever since by a community-based committee, the Health Support Group which is both a Charity and an Incorporated Society.

As we know the Medical Centre has provided health care to a high standard for the community ever since. However, thirty years is a long time and many changes have taken place in the provision of community-based health care not least of which are those that have been provoked by the Covid pandemic.

It has become obvious that the existing building needs upgrading to meet the requirements of 2021 and beyond.

The issues include increasing the space available for all functions, including consulting rooms and a staff room and better access for the disabled both to the building and within it. Up to date storage facilities and entrances to allow for the management of diseases such as Covid are also needed.

The level of funding required will be considerable and may be beyond the ability of the community to fund in its entirety. However, there could be aspects of the costs which the community contributes to and this is something we would like you to think about.

The Health Support Committee has commenced work by talking to the staff and getting some ideas as to how the building may be extended. We will continue to have conversations with the staff, architects, and builders to enable us to present a plan both to the City Council and to possible funding sources.

We are sure that there are some members of the community who have ideas and who may have the skills which will help us make this happen.

If you would like to tell us your ideas, or how you think you can assist in any way please get in touch.

Gay Wood, Chair, 021 375 805
Gay Pavelka, Secretary, 027 221 1128
Kevin MacKay, Treasurer, 021 250 8908