Because of a new office on it is building on the Lyttelton waterfront, the Lyttelton Port Company is intending to build a private LPC staff car-parking area in the current bus turning area.

LPC propose that only one bus at a time be allowed and no drop-off/pick-up zones for cars. The infirm, disabled and those with heavy parcels will have to walk from Norwich Quay if there is not a drop-off zone. It is unclear whether there would even be a drop-off zone in Norwich Quay which is unsafe due to heavy traffic.

In addition, there is no certainty that the current car-parking under the bridge on LPC land will be allowed to remain.
Often there are two or three buses waiting to pick up passengers in the current bus stop on the wharf. It is not clear whether extra bus-stops will be needed in Oxford St to hold queuing buses. If the buses arrive a while before departure they would have to come onto the wharf to drop passengers off, go elsewhere and return to pick passengers up.

The City Council along with Environment Canterbury has an obligation to provide safe and efficient public transport with good connections between the different modes (cars, walking, cycling, buses, ferry). This includes parking places, drop-off-zones and links with bus services.
This is particularly important to Diamond Harbour residents who are faced with potential road access closures on the road to Christchurch.
Access should be suitable for people with disabilities, the elderly and very young, including not having to use steps or walk long distances. The ferry also takes parcels, people with parcels and prescriptions to the DH Medical Centre. Without close ferry access by vehicle this will be very difficult.

Richard Suggate, the DH Community Association Chair has written to the Councils and been advised that ECAN, CCC and LPC are ‘discussing’ the matter. LPC have said that it is their private land and there is no need for public consultation. They intend to complete the work by Christmas.
Proposals to move the ferry terminal to the number 7 wharf in Dampier Bay are on hold for up to ten years.
Richard, after discussions with Thomas Kulpe (Southern Bays Port Liaison person), Felix Dawson and John McLister, has raised the issue with the Banks Peninsula Community Board, who are to consider the matter.

An online petition has been prepared for your signature.
“We, the undersigned call, on the Christchurch City Council and Environment Canterbury to ensure that within 100 metres of the Diamond Harbour Ferry terminal, there is adequate bus parking on the Lyttelton Wharf and that there is a drop-off/pick up zone for private vehicles”.

Richard Suggate

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