Does this picture look familiar?

Does the Christchurch City Council’s Long Term Plan (LTP) seem boring? Well, the two are related.

The Council has notified in its draft LTP that it intends to dispose of the land between the current Diamond Harbour housing and Bay View Road, without further consultation (other than LTP submissions). Now, many of you will live adjacent to the land, or use the land. As well as the current sheep grazing, it contains Morgan and Sams gullies where many locals have spent time restoring the vegetation.

The gullies have not yet been protected by covenants (long-term they should become reserves).

There are many issues that should be discussed with the Council and the Community Board before the land is sold. The uses of the land, the gullies, public access. The next stage after disposal, would entail subdivision, where a whole lot of issues arise in relation to roading access, public access and reserves.

There is no requirement on the Council to consult widely about subdivision applications. Look what happened at Black Point for example.
The land is currently Council freehold with a residential district plan zoning. There is a presumption that housing will go on it. It was purchased by Banks Peninsula Council for future Diamond Harbour expansion.

The Council property section are trying to fast track disposal and avoid meaningful public consultation by inserting the disposal into the LTP. I urge you to make a submission to the Long Term Plan on this, requesting that the land as described as (27 Hunters Rd, Vacant Land, Pt Lot 1 DP14050++, 12F/538, 390,222 sq metres), be removed from the LTP and fast track disposal. The normal process for disposal of land that would require Community Board and public consultation, should be used instead.

Submissions close on Sunday 18 April.
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Richard Suggate