The Community Board recently considered a staff report regarding the future of several local properties:

  • Ngatea Point (below Bayview Rd between Hunters Rd and Morgans Gully)
  • 2H Waipapa (old post office)
  • 306 Bayview Rd (grazing land on southside of Bayview Rd)
  • 38 Waipapa (old reservoir on corner of Waipapa Ave and Te Ra).

Decisions were made to retain Ngatea Point and 2H Waipapa for strategic purposes. In the case of the old post office, retention would be subject to review should the post boxes be moved to an alternative location.

The Board also approved preparation and registration of conservation covenants for Morgan’s and Sam’s Gullies
Staff recommended disposal of the grazing land on 306 Bayview Rd and the old reservoir site on Waipapa Ave. The Board accepted the recommendation for the Bayview site, but in the case of the corner of Waipapa Ave and Te Ra Cres, disposal was made subject to consulting the community, via the DHCA, to see if there is any community use for the site. Notification will be made through the Herald, Facebook and the Diamond Harbour website.

Council staff have reviewed the site and no operational use has been identified.

Do you have a view on the use of the old reservoir site at 38 Waipapa Avenue, other than disposal by Council?

Any community interest in the site should be forwarded to Secretary, Diamond Harbour Community Association at, or PO Box 8 Diamond Harbour.Any queries should be directed to Angus Smith, Property Manager CCC, Ph 941 8502.

Felix Dawson