Here is the result of the Community Board’s consideration of the Godley House site on Monday 16 September. Good news.

The Board supports a community facility including a licenced cafe or hospitality venue and asked that staff work with the DHCA to achieve a result that meets community aspirations.

Andrew Turner, John McLister and Felix Dawson pushed hard for this outcome.

Board Comment
The Board reiterated its wish that the future of the Godley House site should, where possible, reflect the wishes of the community, as indicated in submissions on this issue and deputations to the Board. Community Board Resolved BKCB/2019/00123

Part C
That the Te Pātaka o Rākaihautū/Banks Peninsula Community Board:
1. Receive the information in the report.
2. Not approve the recommendations in the report at this time.
3. Confirms its support in principle for a community facility including a licenced café or hospitality venue on the Godley House site.
4. Requests staff across multiple units of Council, as appropriate, to work closely with the Diamond Harbour Community Association to provide a response on the future of the Godley House site, that better meets community aspirations.
5. Request that staff investigate and report back on whether there may be an opportunity to use the powers under the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act in respect of the Godley House site.
6. Report back to the incoming Community Board on progress at its first ordinary meeting of the new triennium.
Andrew Turner/Felix Dawson – Carried