The following public consultations are currently open for submission and impact our community.  Have your say before submissions close.

Long Term Plan

Closes 18 April

“This budget is a turning point for Christchurch and Banks Peninsula and we’re investing in our future. We’re focusing on delivering the basics and doing it better – water, roads and transport – while keeping rates increases affordable. This comes at a time when we’re responding and adapting to climate change and COVID-19.”

Of specific interest to Diamond Harbour would be: money for infrastructure (roads, sewer), money for the Godley House site, potential sale of the residential land between Hunters Road, Whero Ave, and Bayview currently used for grazing and containing the school track and two gulleys restored with native plantings.

Christchurch Climate Change strategy

closes 25 April

“Our draft climate change strategy is a long-term framework for Christchurch’s climate change journey. It’s part of a wider conversation about how we can all work together to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, prepare for the changes that are ahead of us, and respond to the ongoing effects of climate change. ”

Of specific interest to Diamond Harbour would be the impact of rising tides on low lying homes and roads.

Representation Review

closes 16 May

“We’re reviewing our representation arrangements, such as ward boundaries and the make-up and naming of our community boards, to ensure we’re providing fair and effective representation for our communities. Everyone should have equitable access to their local councillor or community board member.”

CCC intends to reduce the number of representatives for Banks Peninsula and increase the number of urban reps.  As Banks Peninsula is spread out, this change would disadvantage Diamond Harbour.  This review proposes to “Keep the Banks Peninsula Ward and the Banks Peninsula Community Board. This reflects the isolated nature of the ward and its distinct communities with common interests and issues.”  Supporting this initiative would keep the eight representatives we currently have instead of reducing us to two.

Development Contributions

closes 18 April

“We are required to review our development contributions policy at least every three years. The review allows us to consider policy options and to update information used to calculate development contribution charges”