Aims to support improvements to our district and encourage neighbourliness.

The Committee meets whenever there is a need to meet and usually a newsletter updating activities is sent to all members after the meeting.
CBNA became incorporated in 2012 but previous to that the Association had a long history in Church Bay with the first General Meeting in April 1990.

Office Holders

Chair: Ian Currie 329 4446
Secretary: Pat Pritchett 329 4826
Treasurer: Linda Pascoe 351 6186

Committee: Belinda Currie, Lynne and Stuart England (329 4274), Tom Kuenning (329 4550), Tracey Ower (329 4611), Paul Pritchett, Sheila Sinclair (337 0592).

Contacting the CBNA

Please contact our secretary Pat Pritchett

Ph 329 4826


The jetty has been fully restored and is now open again after more than 26 working bees and 1000 hours of volunteer labour and the support of the CCC who provided most of the materials.

CBNA appreciate the willingness of all those who helped in any way on this massive project. Thank you. It is a great example of what can be achieved with community support.