The Lyttelton Community Meals programme which began in Lyttelton after the earthquakes is now being extended to Diamond Harbour.
The service is coordinated by the Lyttelton Community House Trust and managed by volunteers from the Lyttelton and Diamond Harbour communities who cook and deliver the meals.
Five cooked meals are provided each week at a cost of $8.50 a meal. People can choose to receive meals on some days only or all five meals each week. It is also possible to just receive meals for short periods of time as required.
On Mondays and Wednesdays a hot meal plus a cold meal to refrigerate for the following day are delivered. On Fridays a hot meal plus a dessert are delivered.
The meals come across on the 3.20pm Black Cat and are picked up at the Diamond Harbour wharf by a volunteer driver who delivers the meals locally. Rev Meg Harvey organises the roster of volunteer drivers.
Anyone interested in receiving meals or wanting further information please contact Hannah Sylvester, the Community Facilitator at Lyttelton Community House on (03) 741 1427 or