Bulletin – November 30, 2018

Neighbourhood Support is based around neighbours looking out for neighbours. By forming groups to share basic information about themselves and their activities, neighbours are better positioned to observe unusual occurrences and activities in their immediate community and are prepared to advise each other and to contact emergency services and/or police if necessary.
On a wider scale, each group is connected via telephone trees and similar means to the national and local network, and so to civil defence, police and fire departments. This means emergency information, tsunami warnings etc can be quickly and efficiently circulated to all Neighbourhood Support members.
Neighbourhood Support enhances the security of people and property.

The people involved with properties in reasonably close proximity form a group with neighbouring properties. Ideal group size is less than 10, but this number is not binding. Each group is autonomous. Some groups choose to meet socially or to discuss security issues. Others rely solely on informal contact among members.

At Area level, each group is assigned to a Block of up to 9 groups, each Block being in one of 7 Sectors in the Diamond Harbour Neighbourhood Support Area, i.e. Teddington, Charteris Bay, Church Bay, Diamond Harbour West, Diamond Harbour East, Purau-Camp Bay and Port Levy.
In the event of a Civil Defence or similar emergency, the Diamond Harbour Area Co-ordinator will contact, usually by telephone, the seven Sector Co-ordinators, who contact their Block Co-ordinators — up to 7 people. Block leaders contact their Group Leaders — up to 9 people, who then contact the individual members of their group. In the case of large groups, there will be a similar pre-arranged telephone tree to ensure speedy and efficient contact. Personal contact will be made where necessary.

The Area Co-ordinator will maintain the group emails/data base and collection of information/alerts etc. The day to day operation and supply of general information will remain with DHNS HQ, with all other members being advised by pre-arranged telephone or personal contact as above.

Everyone can.
All properties — residential, holiday homes, rental properties, bare sections, and farms — are recorded by their physical address on the Diamond Harbour Area Neighbourhood Support database, and every owner and/or occupier is encouraged to join. There is no joining fee or membership charge — it’s free.


  • You will need to provide some basic personal information at least some of which will be supplied to others in your immediate group (details next page).
  • If you witness any unusual activity or occurrences on or near neighbouring property, you should advise your neighbour(s), discuss the matter and contact appropriate authorities if deemed advisable.
  • You are asked to advise your Group Leader and nearest neighbours when leaving your home for more than one night, or for any other unusual matters which may cause concern to your neighbours (e.g. contractors coming in your absence etc).
  • Any changes in your personal details, moving house etc. should be notified to your Group Leader or the Area Co-ordinator as soon as possible to ensure records are current at all times.
  • You may (or may not) choose to participate in any of your group’s activities or gatherings.

That’s your choice. Your property will remain on the database, which the sole note “NON-MEMBER”.
While you would never be denied assistance because of your non-membership, the lack of information may inhibit the ability to assist, and in the event of an emergency, priority may be given to members.
You may choose to join at any time.

Contact the Area Co-ordinator, JJ Smith,
Ph. 021 0873 7502 or Email dhnshq@gmail.com or your Group Leader.


Please download, print and complete the application form and return as per the enclosed instructions.

Bulletin – February 19, 2018

Report of Burglary in Church Bay

On Monday Feb 19 a resident of Emerson Cres, Church Bay reported finding both cars parked overnight in their driveway had been entered; glove boxes emptied and some money taken.

Bulletin – November 1, 2017

Suspicious person in neighbourhood

Be aware a number of reports have been received of a Man in a Hi vis vest carrying a long stick poss. A Selfie stick or piece of wood who has entered a house without invite and seen taking photos.. Police have been called.
Any sightings please call the police.

Bulletin – October 9, 2017

Trailer stolen from Te Papau area on night of October 8

The trailer was on the street under the street light.  It has wood board sides.

If you have any information please contact the Police or DHNS.

 Contacting Neighbourhood Support

Contact me at dhnshq@gmail.com or 021 0873 7502 for details of Diamond Harbour Neighbourhood Support.

JJ Smith