Bulletin – February 20, 2018

Further breakins reported in Diamond Harbour

We have received a report of two properies being entered on Taimana Lane and another on Hunters Road. It appears that nothing was taken..

Not receiving Neighbourhood Support Emails?

If you are on the Neighbourhood Support Database but have not received recent emails (including recent bulletins displayed here) please ensure that we have your current email address.

Vodafone, Ihug, Paradise and Clear email addresses no longer work. If you had one of these and updated to a new email address, please send a email from your new email address to dhnshq@gmail.com identifying yourself and requesting an update to your details in our database.

Bulletin – February 19, 2018

Report of Burglary in Church Bay

On Monday Feb 19 a resident of Emerson Cres, Church Bay reported finding both cars parked overnight in their driveway had been entered; glove boxes emptied and some money taken.

Bulletin – November 1, 2017

Suspicious person in neighbourhood

Be aware a number of reports have been received of a Man in a Hi vis vest carrying a long stick poss. A Selfie stick or piece of wood who has entered a house without invite and seen taking photos.. Police have been called.
Any sightings please call the police.

Bulletin – October 9, 2017

Trailer stolen from Te Papau area on night of October 8

The trailer was on the street under the street light.  It has wood board sides.

If you have any information please contact the Police or DHNS.

 Contacting Neighbourhood Support

Contact me at dhnshq@gmail.com or 021 0873 7502 for details of Diamond Harbour Neighbourhood Support.

JJ Smith