I attended the Council meeting yesterday. They considered and passed the recommended resolution from staff:
That the Council:
1. Acknowledges the views of the submitters from the Council’s targeted consultation process including the Banks Peninsula Community Board’s submission from its meeting on 14 February 2022.
2. Note there is community support for the sale of the land for residential and other purposes subject to the development reflecting community aspirations.
3. Notes that the recommended paths forward is to:
a. Develop an Outline Development Plan (ODP) for the properties collectively known as 27 Hunters Road and 42 Whero Avenue;
b. Protect the revegetated gullies and access tracks;
c. Subdivide the site and place covenants on the property titles that requires development to be in accordance with the Outline Development Plan; and
d. Dispose of the balance of the site not required for Council purposes.
4. Refers the matter to the 2023/24 Annual Plan for prioritisation and funding;
5. Defers any decision to declare 27 Hunters Road and 42 Whero Avenue surplus to operational requirement until such time as an Outline Development Plan is completed.
With amendment 6 moved by Sarah Templeton:
6. Request that the ODP prioritise climate change adaptation and the ability for local residents to age in place in the considerations, as far as possible.
Phil Mauger, Aaaron Keown and Sam MacDoanld voted against the resolution.

The Outline Development Plan will be developed in the 2022/23 year.
Tori Peden (Chair of the Community Board) spoke well outlining community views. I said I support the resolutions with an emphasis that reserves and walking easements need to be created and adequate infrastructure considered. I pointed out that the submissions were fairly evenly split between those who supported some housing and those who just wanted to retain paddock or create a park. Once the Outline Plan has been completed, if the Council is to dispose of any land, it should consider a staged sale process.
Councillors Sarah Templeton, Mike Davidson and Andrew Turner asked good questions and made constructive points including:
– use of the area for housing for people displaced from low lying areas by rising sea levels
– the need for improved infrastructure
– a variety of houses and homes should be provided
– there was a need for elderly accommodation and social housing
– the development contribution from any subdivider needed to go back into Diamond Harbour services
– the gullies and the ecology needed a high level of protection
– community input to the ODP is essential
– this could be an exemplary sustainable development
– the plan needs to recognise that many people want no development and open space
– Council and community need to control this process not planners
– this was a long term process and a quick sale is not wanted.
It was reassuring that Councillors and the Community Board want a result that the majority of the community will feel comfortable with and that full consultation should occur in the preparation of the ODP to ensure this happens.

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