We are nearing the end of concept plan preparation! On 16 May Diamond Harbour Community Association representatives met with Council planning staff to discuss the feedback on draft concept plan for Diamond Harbour village improvements. Thanks to everyone who by email, Facebook and DH Website contributed ideas. Agreement was reached on the following issues that had been raised by the community.

1. Loop road to connect Village centre, Godley House and cemetery parking areas with the domain and back to the Village
Agreed that there would be a one-way downhill road link between the cemetery parking and the domain as requested. The remainder of the route between the cemetery and the cafés would be two-way, but on very busy days the route could be temporarily turned into a one-way loop road.

2. Macrocarpa tree in front of the Godley House site
The plan will show no change to the existing tree. The future retention or removal of the tree may be considered once capital funding is secured for more detailed design work and once an arborists report is prepared.

3. Loading zone in front of Dark Star Café
A loading/drop-off zone in front of Dark Star café will be added if adjustments to road alignment and pavement can accommodate it.

4. Turning for buses and/or truck-trailer units
The Council project team are to (i) investigate changes to the final revision to show an allocated bus parking space near the community hall and to (ii) amend the radius at the intersection of Waipapa Ave and the wharf access road to provide more space for turning vehicles. Smaller buses and trucks can also turn around by going around the cemetery loop, or in the bottom car park of the domain.

5. Pedestrian crossing locations on Waipapa Ave
The raised platform for traffic calming and speed reduction will be moved slightly south-west from driveway at 1 Waipapa Ave. The proposed crossing north of Community Centre turning is to be paved to help identify its location. Tactile pavers will be added to the crossing opposite Preserved. The footpath on the west side of the road opposite Preserved will only go as far as 1 Waipapa Ave. Any additional traffic calming between 1 Waipapa Ave and the triangle is to be considered as part of any changes to the Waipapa Ave triangle.

6. Path standards and construction materials
The plan legend will refer to path users rather than construction materials. Pathway construction details can be addressed during detailed design stages, once capital funding is secured. Footpaths right next to roads along Waipapa Ave will be shown as paved.

7. Path from the wharf to the village centre and DH beach
After considerable discussion of the practicality of an off-road path between the wharf and beach and village, it was agreed to show it as a ‘potential off-road pedestrian link’. This link requires further discussion with the community, technical investigations and feasibility, and capital funding before it can progress and before any decisions can be made.

8. Additional pathway marking
A new pathway between Godley House site and eastern Stoddart Point will be shown. The existing pathway between the domain and the junction of the ferry access road and the DH Beach track will be marked on the plan.

9. Recreation area opposite the Preserved
It was agreed that a toilet in the Village Centre was required, but this may not be the best location and the future use of the Godley House site may affect this. Reference to public toilets and recreation/leisure uses in this location will be removed and future use of this area will require further investigation and community discussion.

10. Council land to the west of the Medical Centre
This area was considered too wet and shaded for a nursery or garden and these functions are undertaken at the school. Reference to a community orchard/nursery uses will be removed and instead it will be described as a ‘potential nature reserve or other use’.

Next steps:
1. The Plan will be revised and sent back to DHCA Committee for final approval.
2. The Plan will then be presented to the Community Board (aiming for a July meeting).
3. The Plan to then be presented to the full Council.

I would like to stress that this is a concept plan only and its full implementation will take many years, during which time it will evolve. It will need to be considered as part of the Council’s long-term plan and specific projects developed for its components. The Council is committed to further community engagement, once capital funding is secured for any projects and detailed design commences.

Richard Suggate
DHCA Chair
027 687 6242