Local Directory

Our local community directory lists essential services to help you find handy resources in this area.

Bays Area Constable

Lyttelton Police Station

In an emergency dial 111

378 0200

Cancer Support Group

Nicky Palmer 329 4341
Joy Harding 329 3356


Manaaki Mai

Andrea Dahl

Civil Defence

New members welcome

Wendy Coles 329 4483
Peter Harding 329 3356

Eco Burials

Diamond Harbour community is blessed with a beautiful green burial site in the Diamond Harbour Memorial Gardens Cemetery at Stoddart Point.

Mark Watson 021 194 4430

Emergency Drivers

People willing to drive in an emergency

A donation to the driver appreciated.

Gay Wood 021 375 805

Fire Brigade

Diamond Harbour Fire Brigade

For a fire emergency dial 111

Frank Watson (Chief Fire Officer) 027 529 4292

Health Support Group

Health Centre Management

The group manages the Health Centre building and provides opportunities for health promotion in the District which extends from Teddington to Port Levy.

Chair: Gay Pavelka 027 2211128
Sec: Andrew May

Justices of the Peace

Authorised to witness documents etc.

Joy McLeod      329 4119
Wendy Coles    329 4483 or 021 154 1434
Bryan Turnbull  313 3959 or 021 433 445

Lyttelton Community House

Providing support services to the Lyttelton Harbour area since 2008.

  • Meal delivery service (Monday to Friday).
  • Weekly community lunch (Thursday 12:15 – all welcome)
  • Drop-in centre: Monday to Thursday 10:00-2:00
  • Social work services, tech/device support.

7 Dublin Street, Lyttelton.
T: 03 7411 427 or 021 937 492
E: socialworker@lch.org.nz
Facebook: Lyttelton Community House LCH

Lyttelton Review

Medical Centre

Doctors: Bronwyn Graham, Lucinda Whiteley, Lucy Page-Dalton
Nurses: Nicky, Anna, Petria
Practice Admin/Reception: Mel, Lisa
Monday 8.30am to 12 noon Dr Graham
.               4.30pm to 6.30pm Dr Graham
Tuesday 8.15am to 11.45am Dr Graham
Afternoon phone appointments on request
Weds      8.15am to 12 noon Dr Davies
Thurs      8.30am to 11.30am Dr Graham
Friday     8.30am to 12noon Dr Graham
Phone 329 4402 Fax 329 3302
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Jo Ryde 332 5702

Neighbourhood Support

Diamond Harbour and Environs

Membership is Free for all residents and property owners on the southern side of Lyttelton Harbour. To join contact Elaine.

JJ Smith 021 0873 7502

Plunket Nurse

Ph 366 0765


Service Directory Phone Book

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